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Breeding Rams again

Since I posted last about territorial fish attacking me while attempting a 
tank cleaning, I was advised the fish were spawning, had spawned or were 
going to spawn.

I've been on the lookout since. Several weeks ago I added some e. tennellus 
which they supervised closely, with great interest, while I was planting it 
in the tank. Only a few days later, lo and behold I spied a (nest?) of eggs 
in the midst of it. Fortunately, it is in a front corner of the tank and 
could be observed. While the male was out defending possible intruders and 
attacking other inhabitants, the female was at home doing her job of 
defending the nest--at first. Later on, she decided she preferred eating 
scrambled eggs to the chore of watching the nest. 

Today, she was in full bloom. I anticipated another spawning and I felt 
privileged to be able to actually watch them late this afternoon laying eggs 
and doing their circular dance. (Again at the chosen site among the e. 
tennellus.) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it to its conclusion, as I 
had to go attend a middle school chorus concert.

Now, if she'd just let them hatch . . . 

(Unless, that is, despite his otherwise wonderful parenting, he's sterile, as 
it's said commercially sold rams often are.)