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Biological filter in planted tanks

>  I was trying to raise had to do with biological filtration in planted tanks
>  and particularly if we should have it or not. The approach I took was to
>  heavily plant the tank from day one and slowly increase the fish load (it 
>  still very light) allowing the plants to absorb all the ammonia generated.
>  These conditions would prevent the bacteria from multiplying and competing
>  with the plants for the available ammonia. What is everybody's opinion on
>  this? I was thinking of compiling a list of pros and cons for each case but
>  I would rather wait and find out if anybody is interested in this subject
>  out there before wasting space and time.

adrian, you don't tell us what other filtration you are using.  i myself only 
have biological filtration as i don't use carbon or other filter media.  my 
canister and box  filters have mostly gravel inside.

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA