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Re: Apparent O2 shortage, need help!!

Biplane10 at aol_com sez:
> At night, when I turn the CO2 off, I completely tighten the valve,
> preventing 
> CO2 (or goo) from the bottle going into the tank, or tank water siphoning
> out 
> in reverse. Since there is some gas loss through the line and valve, this 
> could be sufficient at times. But as a precaution, in case the pressure
> gets 
> too great, I loosen the top on the bottle to let the gas escape. This is a 
> nightly ritual, regardless of potency. (For instance, if the temperature
> were 
> to rise for some strange reason, like the heat pump going awry, it would 
> cause the brew to create more gas, causing a god-awful mess.) 

It would be a lot safer if instead of closing off your CO2 line at
night, you installed a bleeder valve.  Just get a cheap single gang
airline valve (a 'T' fitting with an valve on the side outlet) and put
it in your CO2 line.  Open the valve at night and the CO2 will escape
instead of building up pressure in your bottle. It will also prevent the
pump from sucking the contents out of the bottle.  I would sleep a lot
better knowing that there was not a sealed bottle of yeast and
sugar-water in my house trying to explode.