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Re: HPS lights

Leonardo <cathouse at cdsnet_net> sez:
> ...Much to my disappointment, the fixtures that I thought were MH
> turned out to be high pressure sodium.  I haven't seen HPS mentioned
> on this list... 
> What are the problems with this sort of light?  Heat?  Efficency? 
> Color temp?  Any thoughts, anyone?

HPS lamps are more efficient than most MH lamps, and they maintain their
luminence better as they age.  Normal HPS lamps have a color temperature
somewhere around 2000K and a CRI of about 20.  So I think they would
look terrible (like those pinkish-yellow street lights).  There are
deluxe HPS lamps available that have color rendering of about 65, but
their color temp is still so low that I think they too would suck.