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balloons and CO2

>>>>>a few notes on the subject, i tried to hook up a yeast CO2 to a
experimenting with my theory that the balloon would have enough pressure
allow constant flow with no chances of an explosion or goo entering the
(this has happened to me but caught it within 30 min)  i did
on my theory but the balloon did not have enough pressure to make
bubbles. if 
anyone can think of a different approch to this and wants to try it
e-mail me 
privatly and i will tell you how i tried

Capt'n PATS>>>>>>

I have used ballons on the tops of CO2 bottles, because I never found a
glue, hot or otherwise, that would secure the airline without leaks to
the plastic cap.  Right, the balloon just keeps getting bigger.  The
solution is to hold an empty balloon in your hand, and drop an airline
connector into it.  Now grab the balloon at the apex, and smoosh the
airline connecter's end tight against the balloon, and use a needle to
poke a few holes through the balloon that will allow the CO2 to pass
through.  Now slide airline onto it from the outside... trapping a layer
of balloon (with microscopic holes) between the connector on the inside,
and the airline on the outside.  The ariline will securely hold the
connector while you pull the balloon down over the bottle neck.  Keep
sliding it down till the balloon, with the connector and ariline
centered, is stretched taut, like a drum head.  (gotta have a rubberband
already on the bottle neck before you start)  Secure the balloon tight
with a rubber band, below the threads.  Works wonderfully.

I started imagining many idiotic ways to use ballons as the reactor...
maybe globe fasion over a light ring... so it would become some weird
night light, with all tubes hidden... All manner of rediculous ideas
kept me awake.  I bought Dave's high-pressure unit.  Now I sleep.