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Re: Anubias barteri nana

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Steve Dixon wrote:

> In my particular case the leaves were rarely coming in yellowish.  Perhaps
> this indicates that there was never a severe shortage of N.  The tank has
> always been moderately stocked and well-fed.  The main observation was that
> they were quite small (thumb nail size and occasionally even smaller) and
> are now say, 3 times that size.  The distorted growth was not common either,
> but took the form of curling around the edges and leaves twisting a bit and
> occasionally turning down.

I recently pulled out and pitched a 13-year old stand of A. barteri nana
that fit that description pretty well.  It was in a low-light tank that I
maintain mostly for keeping botias that habitually tear up more delicate
plants.  I tested the tank water a few days ago when this thread started
and found 30 mg/l of nitrate.

It appears to me that this sort of stunted growth can't be diagnostic of
nitrogen deficiency.

Roger Miller