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Anubias barteri nana

> Roger S. Miller wrote:
> I recently pulled out and pitched a 13-year old stand of A. barteri nana
> that fit that description pretty well.  It was in a low-light tank that I
> maintain mostly for keeping botias that habitually tear up more delicate
> plants.  I tested the tank water a few days ago when this thread started
> and found 30 mg/l of nitrate.
> It appears to me that this sort of stunted growth can't be diagnostic of
> nitrogen deficiency.

I would say rather that stunted growth alone can't be used as a _definitive_
diagnostic of nitrogen deficiency.  I have seen stunted growth in A. nana
that did coincide with a zero nitrate environment (water column); that
condition reversed when nitrates were added.  I've also seen A. nana with
small, yellowish leaves start to improve dramatically when placed in a
shadier part of the tank.  In that case the aspect of the plant was the same
as the former case.  The conditions in the shade were better balanced for
that plant.  According to Claus I could also have adjusted the water column
nutrients to effect the same balance and allowed the plant to remain where
it was.

michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com