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Anubias barteri nana

Paul K wrote about my comment regarding Nitrogen and A. barteri nana:  "In
all the descriptions of N. deficiency, I have never seen anything about new
leaves, or any leaves for that matter, being distorted.  The plant is
yellowish and growth is slowed.  The whole plant can be small."

In my particular case the leaves were rarely coming in yellowish.  Perhaps
this indicates that there was never a severe shortage of N.  The tank has
always been moderately stocked and well-fed.  The main observation was that
they were quite small (thumb nail size and occasionally even smaller) and
are now say, 3 times that size.  The distorted growth was not common either,
but took the form of curling around the edges and leaves twisting a bit and
occasionally turning down.  

My guess is the same as yours Paul re feeding.  The roots will penetrate the
gravel a bit, but not very far and without much in the way of root hair
structure to grab nutrients-which is why it seems to be an interesting plant
to think about water column nutrients.

Steve Dixon in San Francisco