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Re: Flourish Excel

>The Spring 2000 Pet Warehouse catalog lists a new product from SeaChem,
>Flourish Excel. The description there reads:
>"Flourish Excel is a simple source of carbon for aiding growth of aquatic
>plants. Designed to make plant keeping easier without carbon dioxide
>injection. Use it alone, or if you choose, with carbon dioxide injection.
>Keeps iron in a reduced state that's easily utilized by plants. 1 ml treats
>10 gal. Recommended for use on a daily to every other day basis."  250 ml:
>$4.89; 2 liters: $22.95
>I assume that, like Flourish Potassium, it's not in the stores yet, since I
>see no mention of it at seachem.com (which I understand is their policy). I
>wonder if Dr. Morin could provide some information about this carbon source.

The carbon is derived from polycycloglutaracetal. Yes, the name is a 
mouthful ;-) but what it does is (as the description says above) act 
as a structurally simple organic carbon source for the plants by 
providing a carbon skeleton that is structurally equivalent to common 
photosynthetic intermediates (i.e. the stuff the plant makes from the 
CO2 it uses).

Information on both products should be up on our website by this 
afternoon as both are shipping now.

-Greg Morin

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