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RE: Flourish Excel

> >"Flourish Excel is a simple source of carbon for aiding growth of aquatic
> >plants. Designed to make plant keeping easier without carbon dioxide
> >injection. Use it alone, or if you choose, with carbon dioxide injection.
> >Keeps iron in a reduced state that's easily utilized by plants.
> The carbon is derived from polycycloglutaracetal. Yes, the name is a
> mouthful ;-) but what it does is (as the description says above) act
> as a structurally simple organic carbon source for the plants by
> providing a carbon skeleton that is structurally equivalent to common
> photosynthetic intermediates (i.e. the stuff the plant makes from the
> CO2 it uses).

I had seen the listing for this new product on the Pet Warehouse web site,
and was intrigued. Now that it is available, and Greg has provided more
information about it, I'm doubly so...

Would any of the plant chemists / botanists on the list care to comment on a
plant's abilities to obtain all or part of their Carbon needs from an avenue
such as this? If it works, it would certainly make the newbie's life a lot
simpler - no more messing with yeast/sugar/water. Would different plants
have different capacities to use this stuff, in a manner similar to the way
that some plants can use carbonates as a source of Carbon while others are
unable to do so?

James Purchase