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Re: Amazon Frogbit?

>From: Connelley Barton <barton at gpcom_net>
>Subject: Amazon Frogbit?
>I've noticed in recent discussions, the mention of Frogbit.  I believe
>that Chuck Gadd indicated that it was a good indicator for iron
>deficiency.  I'm trying to locate some.  Westerleigh Aquar., in N.Y.,
>lists Giant Duckweed(Lema Polyrhiza) for sale.  Would this possibly be
>the same thing?

Spirodela polyrhiza is the name, and it is definitely not frogbit.  It is
just a duckweed that gets a little larger than some of the other duckweed
species.  It often gets a purple color under the leaves.  Frogbit is genus
Limnobium.  It is floating and has leaves an inch or two in size with
petioles of an inch or so.

Paul Krombholz, in Central Mississippi, with more rain on the way, and my
car with a flat tire.  (Meaning it isn't going to be nice doing the 20 mile
round trip commute on a bicyclein the rain, tomorrow)