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Fixing plastic clips on strip lights

Hi Christina,

My advice may or may not be helpful depending on how "handy" you are at
fixing things, but I would guess that if you can set-up your own fish tank
you are probably handy enough to fix your light.  I have broken clips
several times and have always been able to fix them one way or another.

The easiest fix is to simply glue it back together.  Get some plastic bond
which consists of a tiny bottle of activator you brush on the surfaces
first, and a tube of glue much like super glue.  This may not work if there
is too much pressure from the fluorescent tube against it.  The better (but
more tricky) solution is to replace the broken clip.  Hopefully the end of
your strip light is screwed on, but if it is glued on you can break it off
and glue it back.  Hey, you have nothing to lose as the light is already
broken, right?  There are a few different types of clips and you will have
to remove the broken clip to take to the hardware or lighting store to get
the right replacement.  The clip is designed to either snap into place or be
slid into place and held there by a screw.  Both methods use small groves
located near the bottom of the sides of the clip.  Lets hope your strip uses
the slide on method, otherwise you may have to further break the clip to get
it out (the replacement would then just snap back into the hole).

So you have removed the clip form the strip light, and now you have to
remove the wires from the clip.  There should be two pairs of little holes
on the bottom or back of the clip.  Each wire will be in a hole with an
empty hole next to it.  If you push a sharp pointed tool like a small
screwdriver into the empty hole you should be able to then pull the wire
out.  This may require some force. To put the wire on the new clip you just
push the wire into the hole and it will lock into place.

That is about all I can tell you.  If you have any questions feel free to
email me.

Good Luck!


Alan4ever at worldnet_att.net
Alan Kaufmann, Psych Tech
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