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Re: My experience with an online purchase

Fortunately, I notice new growth on the stargrass. The rotala macranda is 
still looking like a rotten sorry mess, and beginning to litter the tank.

I looked through archives about Rotala Macranda, and while some people 
reported a *meltdown* period when replanting, others reported great success. 
It was noted that CO2 was beneficial.

If a plant is difficult under good conditions, imagine how difficult to get 
it started when it arrives and is planted (half?) dead. I didn't think CO2 
would help the plant when it didn't have a healthy leaf left on it. 

I've determined that the *optimum* tank is self-recreating. This would 
contain guppies and water sprite, and couldn't possibly fail.


<< Both of the plants you've mentioned are, in my (admittedly limited)
 experience, extremely fragile.  Take a few minutes to read through the
 archives of the list; there are endless tales of woe about keeping rotala
 macranda.  Heteranthera zosterifolia seems to crush and blacken easily, but
 then is quick to rebound.  Ditch the black stuff; if you've just got a few
 half-inch ends of green left, though, plant them.  I bet they'll take off.