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Summary Posting - Gomberg CO2 experience

Recently I posted an email about my experiences ordering online from Dave 

Based on feedback both in the digest and though private email I wish to 
issue some clarifications of my comments.

First of all I received thirty-two (32) emails which mentioned the exemplary 
service which Dave had provided in the past. I received five (5) emails 
which mentioned problems with the service provided. In all cases it sounds 
like a longer then normal shipping time was cited. In no case was there a 
delay as long as the one I experienced.

This leads me to believe that Dave does provide a service which is 
appreciated by the vast majority of his customers. The only weak link is 
possibility shipping but even that doesn't seem to be a major problem in 
most cases.

Dave contacted me privately to discuss my recent email in a very polite and 
professional manner which is to be commended. He apologized for the iron kit 
problem and rectified the problem immediately.

He also took a few moments to mention current US shipping laws. Athough I 
should have known, I was unaware that at the time of shipping, the buyer 
assumes ownership of the product. If the product goes missing in shipment 
then according to US law the buyer has a problem not the business owner. If 
that interpretation of the law is correct (and I have no reason to doubt it) 
then frankly it should be a major concern to online shoppers.

The important issue is how Dave reacted when my original shipment when 
missing. Legally he could have simply said it's my problem and walked away. 
What he did was absorb the loss and ship me another shipment. This is indeed 
exemplary conduct and deserves my full support.

Dave also mentioned that although other shipping methods are available he 
feels that customers already complain heavily enough about price that they 
wouldn't be willing to pay more for additional options. Personally I would 
prefer more options (and would pay accordingly) but I can see his point.

So ultimately, based jointly on the feedback received from his other 
satisfied customers, the professional response in his email and also the 
knowledge provided about US shipping laws, I feel compelled to issue a full 
apology for my recent harsh comments.

My shipping experience was not what I would have wished. I have never 
experienced such long delays and slow feedback in the past. However it is 
also obvious to me that this type of response was very much a rare case for 
Dave's business and there are many external, mitigating factors which lead 
me to believe that this is probably going to end up being a one-time 
experience (although Dave never mentioned it directly I imagine gearing up 
for his new magazine may have also played a role).

Based on all of that I apologize for my harsh comments and wish Dave well in 
his future endeavours. For those skeptics out there I will point out that 
this apology was not forced, requested or expected. I'm issuing it because I 
believe it is necessary.

Again my apologies.

~Jamie N
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