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Re: My experience with an online purchase

Sylvia wrote:

> After reviewing the comments about Arizona Aquatic Gardens a few weeks
ago, I
> placed an order with them. I have been waiting for rotala macranda and
> heteranthera zosterfolia for some time, and they were carrying it. I


> Waiting, waiting, and excitedly found my package arrived today. I couldn't
> wait to plant these in my tank. To my horror, when I opened the box and
> peeled off the newspaper, the rotted-looking messes were nothing that I
> envisioned. I imagine all the leaves will go, I just hope they will grow.
> planted the sorry looking stems in my tank. The stems even have a rather
> rotten consistency.

Both of the plants you've mentioned are, in my (admittedly limited)
experience, extremely fragile.  Take a few minutes to read through the
archives of the list; there are endless tales of woe about keeping rotala
macranda.  Heteranthera zosterifolia seems to crush and blacken easily, but
then is quick to rebound.  Ditch the black stuff; if you've just got a few
half-inch ends of green left, though, plant them.  I bet they'll take off.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD