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My experience with an online purchase

As if the hobby isn't challenging enough, it really sucks when you deal with 
shabby service and inferior products from mail order companies.

After reviewing the comments about Arizona Aquatic Gardens a few weeks ago, I 
placed an order with them. I have been waiting for rotala macranda and 
heteranthera zosterfolia for some time, and they were carrying it. I ordered 
several other plants. Peter was very friendly and helpful, as before, when 
placing my order. He went out of his way to look up a previous order placed 
under a different (last) name, when he received my order by e-mail. He's 
generous with his time if you catch him on the phone as well.

When my order arrived last week, I happily unwrapped my package.  I was 
pleased that nearly all the plants were in good shape--with the exception of 
the corkscrew valisneria. I should have learned my lesson on that last time. 
Crypts were in really good shape, as when I ordered some before. However, to 
my dismay, the 2 plants that had prompted my ordering from them, as well as 2 
others were missing. I recall reading they did not do backorders and I 
quickly called, reaching the first time (quite unusual), to ask if they could 
send them, since they were again available that week. While on the phone, I 
was embarrassed to read that they had backordered them, noted on the invoice, 
and I apologized for bothering him.

Waiting, waiting, and excitedly found my package arrived today. I couldn't 
wait to plant these in my tank. To my horror, when I opened the box and 
peeled off the newspaper, the rotted-looking messes were nothing that I had 
envisioned. I imagine all the leaves will go, I just hope they will grow. I 
planted the sorry looking stems in my tank. The stems even have a rather 
rotten consistency.

I'd also ordered hydrocotyle verticillata. I have h. leucocephala, which 
grows up vertically, with leafs and nodes spaced rather closely. I'd thought 
that h. verticillata was similar, with a different leaf shape. What I got was 
long, thick stems, with one or two nodes with perhaps 5 inches in between, 
and 1 leaf on the end of each stem. 

They substituted e. tennellus in pots rather than loose, because they didn't 
have any. I am grateful for that, even though it cost more, because at least 
I have something to show for the money.

I am not slamming AAG. I did receive part of my order in good shape last 
week. Does this warrant a phone call, and what should I expect? I'm not a 
hysterical customer . . . what is reasonable? And what's up with the h. 
verticillata? Is this normal growth?