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My experience with an online purchase from Dave Gomberg

Back in December I mentioned that I planned to purchase a CO2 unit from Dave 
Gomberg. At that time a number of people replied and asked me to post an 
update when the unit was received.

I placed my order on December 10, 1999. On February 10, 2000 I finally 
became tired of waiting and contacted Dave to inquire about my order. About 
a week later he shipped a second unit but neglected to inform me. Finally at 
the end of February the first package containing the Tropica catalog 
arrived. In early March the second package arrived containing the main CO2 
unit. Unfortunately the Iron Test kit which I also ordered in December 
failed to arrive. As of today, March 27, 2000 I have still not received it 
nor have I received any communication telling me when to expect it.

Over the year's I've ordered numerous products from the US and I have never 
had such a poor response. I believe a large part of the problem is related 
to the requirement to use US Postal Service/Canada Post. I inquired about 
alternative shipping methods at the original order time but none were 

Dave Gomberg may indeed be a regular and helpful contributor to the list. 
That is something to be commended.

However all the useful posts in the world fail to make up for poor customer 
service. Until he fixes his shipping and customer service problems I 
recommend against purchasing the product directly from him.

I can't comment on the usefulness of his product at this time. I'm so 
irritated by the customer service that I've decided to wait until I receive 
the iron kit before I begin using the equipment. Even then I may just sell 
the stuff at cost and go with an alternative method.

I really hate being this irritated, especially when all it required was some 
informational emails to prevent.

~Jamie N
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