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RE:My experience with an online purchase from Dave Gomberg

I recently placed my order with Dave for the following items:  CO2  system, 
Iron test kit and Tropica Fertilizer.  Within a week I received my Co2 
system and Fertilizer.  I called Dave because it was missing a Airline 
tubing piece and connector.  He said he would send one right out.  I have 
no reason to expect he won't keep his word.  No iron test kit as of yet but 
when I ordered it he did say he was getting a better kit than the Sera.  So 
for that I'll cut him some slack.  I may be mistaken but I'm left with the 
impression this is not Dave's full-time "business".  I appreciate the 
service, albeit compensated he provides.  His system compared to others of 
the same type appears to be high quality and is very fairly priced.  As to 
the original posters experience all I can say is I hope that experience is 
the exception and not the rule. I hope Dave takes the time to reply.