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Re: PSI of full 5lb CO2 tank?

on 01:48 PM 3/26/00 , Chuck Gadd wrote:

>I think the tank should be at about 800 PSI.  It will stay there until
>the tank is about 90% empty.  At that point, all the liquid is gone,
>leaving only the remaining gas.  Once the pressure gauge starts to
>drop, it's time for a refill.
>I do see a slight variation in pressure (not more than 25psi or so) based
>on temperature.   Not enough to explain your drop.

When I brought my CO2 tank home after filling last month, I thought I had a 
problem as the pressure reading was barely over 500 psi (i.e. nearly 
empty). However, when it warmed up to room temperature a few hours later 
the reading was 800-900 as usual.

The tank they filled it from was outside, so it was undoubtedly quite cold 
(a layer of ice covered it until it warmed up.) This is a 2.5 lb cylinder, 
so perhaps it's more dramatic with smaller ones, but temperature can easily 
make that much difference if you're dealing with winter temperatures.

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