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Rubin Sword

Started a new 20G long a month ago. Everything was growing great until
yesterday. I planted a small Rubin sword about 2 weeks ago & it's almost
to the top allready. Yesterday the leaves were floating to the top of
the tank. The leaves look perfectly healthy but they rotted off at the
crown. Any ideas? Substrate- Thin layer of peat, sprinkle of Micronized
Iron, 1-11/2" fine gravel & sand mixed with Tetra Initial sticks,
1-11/2" of Florite. Yeast CO2, GH 140ppm, KH 4, pH 6.7, NO3 6, 3W /G
florescent. Jobe stick under Rubin. 1mg of Flourish twice a week.TIA

Tom Connors, Pittsburgh Pa. I wish I could be half the person our dog
"Jed" thinks I am!