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Paludarium Question

A couple of people have asked for a low-tech/low cost solution to avoiding
condensation on the front glass.  Having kept a 55G paludarium for 9 years,
I am familiar with the problem.<g>  I found that the best solution was to
have the ventilation strip in FRONT of the lights, right over the front
glass.  This prevented condensation on all but the very coldest mornings
here in New England.  Even then, as soon as the lights came on and warm the
air in the tank, the upwelling of warm air past the front pane of glass
quickly dried it off.

Since my tank housed only fish and plants, I didn't have to worry about
escapees, and just left this strip completely open. (In fact, ivy started
growing out the opening, and draped down the outside of the tank, looking
very decorative)  I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard though, to construct a
screen piece to cover this opening and keep climbing critters in.