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CaCO2 Revisted

Hi again all,
With my CaCO3 question that I asked about recently, a couple
of people suggested that I could use Garden Lime to raise the
GH of my tank. Well today I was looking at the make-up of a bag
of Lime that I've had for a while (legacy of Worm farming days)
and it listed the following as its ingredients:
Calcium Carbonate - 32.5%
Magnesium Carbonate - 0.5%
Equivalent Calcium Carbonate - 80%
I'm a little worried about the 'Equivalent CaCO3' bit. Perhaps
I'm misreading it but it sounds like the Lime I have contains
some unknown ingredient as a substitute for the CaCO3, I'm worried
it might have negative affects on my tank. Any ideas?
The same company also makes Dolomite Lime (the one I have is
called Garden Lime) and its ingredients are:
Calcium Carbonate - 16%
Magnesium Carbonate - 8.7%
Provided the 'Equivalent CaCO3' ingredient is 'OK' to use, which
of the two variations of Lime would be more beneficial? I'm still
waiting on my Lamotte Hardness test kit to arrive so I'm not
100% sure on what the Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate
makeup of my water is.

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