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Re: Light choices (was lilaeopsis info)

IDMiamiBob at aol_com at IDMiamiBob at aol_com wrote:

> Chuck writes:
>> I've got 4 32watt T8's over a 55 gallon tank do I need more light?
> Why do people use 32 watt bulbs?  Aren't these 4 footers?  Why not just get
> four 40 watts and get more light, or use three 40 watters, and get the same
> amount of light for less money?  I'm missing the point.  I mean, 4 tubes over
> a 55 takes up the whole top of the tank.  It takes extra effort to get them to
> fit.  Why not maximize your investment?
> Bob Dixon

Generally, four 32-watt T8s put out as much or more light than four 40-watt
T12s. Less expensive to operate, too.

Dan Dixon