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It survived

I just wanted to post this to give anyone else going through something like
this a little hope.  I had a very densely planted tank that grew
fantastically.  I sold plants out of it to the LFS and regularly gave away
bunches to aspiring hobbyists. I wanted to change the look of the tank to a
more 'pruned' style.  I had to give away a lot of plants to do this.  When I
gave them away it destroyed the substrate heating and pulling the pants up
the gravel was coming up like a turf mat.  The substrate became hopelessly
mixed and tons of nutrients were left on the surface of the substrate and in
the water column.  What followed was a hopeless plague of algae,
cynobacteria and cloudy water.  I almost swapped the tank to an African
cichlid  tank.  Anyway, after a lot of cleaning and a lot of water changes
and turning the CO2 way up and a lot of aggravation the tank is again it's
old self.