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Underground Cocktail for Success?

We've having very good success with our swords and other root feeders with
the following "cocktail" every two months or so:

  1 Root Tab plus Iron
  1 Substrate Gold Nugget
  1 Flourish Tab
  1/2 Jobe's stick (13-4-5 formula)

Burried deeply, no ice, not shaken, for each root feeder, or between
closely planted one. I think these fertilizers complement each other in
what they offer. My other hunch is the depth of our substrate (gravel +
laterite), 5-8 inches, plays a role in permitting good root structure. I'd
be interested in hearing more about results with deep substrate, a topic I
haven't seen covered. Two of our three largest ozelot swords are putting
out stalks almost continuously with 5-7 plantlets on each. And our second
generation is growing niecely. Our nymphea and banana plants have giant
leaves. The swords and nymphea are much larger than when we took these photos.

Photos and setup: http://www.knology.net/~jweinberger/aquarium/
Plant Resources: http://www.knology.net/~jweinberger/aquarium/info.htm