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Jobe's Ferns & Palms spikes/sticks

  On 3-4-00 I wrote:

   <snip>If anyone is having problems finding the Jobe's fern and palm 
spike's, we have them locally where I live. They sell for .99 a pack of 25 
spikes and with tax that is 1.04 plus shipping if anyone would like some sent 
to them. Let me know off-list and I would be glad to send some out to 

  On 3-20-00 Jenny (High School student) wrote:
  <snip>No questions at this time, but wanted to let anyone on the list who 
  wanted some, I saw Jobe spikes on Ebay for sale last night. In case 
  anyone can't find them locally.<snip> 
  Then on 3-20-00 Michael Rubin wrote:

  <snip>Jobe's spike product is not the same as the stick product.  The 
spikes are
 designed for tree fertilization.<snip>
  And on 3-20-00, last but not least Gary Conway wrote:

  <snip>For others, like I, who have not been able to find Jobes Fern and 
  Palm Spikes locally, the distributor, Easy Gardener, Inc.,will take 
  orders on the phone. The spikes are $1.49 per pack of 30. This 
  includes shipping. They take VISA and Mastercard.<snip> 
 I am not sure why she posted the Ebay ad here but, she did so without my 
knowledge or consent.  I guess she felt since I sold her an Emperor 400 for 
$25 on Ebay in the past, she would try and help promote the auctions there. 
dread-pirate-roberts is me.(That's me on Ebay) Don't bid on the Ebay ad!!! 
Anyway, the ad was never intended for the list and for that I am sorry. Yes, 
I know the ad on Ebay says spikes, but it is really the sticks. Thirty spikes 
(which would come in packs of three), would definitely cost even someone in 
the business, more than a dollar I'm sure.  My wife thought since I had such 
good response for my posting, (around 14 people so far) I should make them 
more available to anyone. I am not in the plant business and I was just doing 
it as a favor for anyone who could not find them. I still will if anyone 
needs them at my cost + shipping. And yes, I take MasterCard and Visa also if 
you are signed with Paypal. I have e-mailed her asked her not post any more 
of my ads here. I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone. 

James Watford
Columbia, SC