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plant tank history/help for small angel fish planted tank

Hi all,
I have been fiddling round with my planted tanks for over a year now and
while I can not achieve that perfect plant growth achieved by some people,
at least I enjoy some success and I know why I don't get profesional

My two tank have been 48x18x18 and 48x24x24'' both equipped with 4x36 watt
fluros (mixed types) and some yeast CO2 injection.

My project over the last few months has been to produce a green home for my
10 discus 3 to 6'' each. My 120 G tank now is operating with this light
config, no CO2, eheim 2226, duplarit, no water fertilizers = hair algae.

Most plants have been growing..... ranging from at least slowly to very
fast for the water sprite ( I removed enough to fill a 20 G tank of this
stuff)  This is way better then when I had more CO2, and brighter light =
better conditions on the smaller tank. The main difference is now feed the
resident 100 guppies maturing the 120 G tank heavily 2-3 times a day to try
and get the tank 'capable' of handling the massive nutrient load of
carnivorous discus.
The only real problem with this tank is the green fuzz that cover the glass
every week or so and a small hair algae problem, not too bad I feel
considering the 86f temp, low light and lack of CO2.

I will be migrating some mbuna cichlid fry from a 24x18x18'' 30 G tank to
larger courters. I want this tank to be a low tech very green angel fish
species tank.
This is my mission, any comments would be great.
2x18 watt fluros, 500L\hr internal filter.
wood, rocks, deep green plants.
Probably amazon sword types, java moss, fern, anubias nana
fine beach sand as opposed to the pea gravel I have previously used.
6-8 young angel fish, few small dither fish, couple of cats.........
No CO2, lighting not neg. (im 18, 1st yr commerce student, run 5 big tanks,
unemployed ATM sort of quit work at LFS, scounging $$$ off my parents etc

Now the excited babble is over.

Dan Green.

bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au