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Re: Hornwort

> Does Hornwort really help prevent algae (how?)  My poor pond has tons of
> it seems.  Wondering if I should put some in my tank...

IME, it doesn't help any more than any other fast growing plant.  I had a
nice green water problem, and hornwort growing quickly at the same time (as
well as sunset hygro, pennywort, wisteria - all happily growing in the green
I actually got rid of my hornwort after the green water cleared up, because
it developed a nice glob of green algae in it, as well as its usual problem
of accumulating some strands of BBA.
Some people will report great miracles from hornwort, others have had my
experience.  Use the hornwort if it looks good to you - otherwise, there are
other ways to controll the algae is you don't like the way hornwort looks...