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RE: Profile / Turface / Profile Aquatic Plant Soil

I am not suggesting Profile / Turface / Profile Aquatic Plant Soil
whatever... won't work.  I've used Quack's "Hartz ph6 kittylitter" idea and
achieved great results; its just irritating to plant in the stuff. It lacks
the longterm anti-green-water action and slow decay nutrient release of
peat,  yet It must be mixed w/ sand/gravel to give it "body" so it will
hold down plants as does peat/vermiculite/clay

Why should I buy the Shutz product derivatives of kitty litter for 3-5
times the price of  unsorted Hartz kitty litter (Hartz brand only; I
understand its the least dusty) and get only 1/2 as much?  I'll take
cheaper and extremly effective over cheap and effective anyday.

BTW, I DID buy the clay conditioner; but now I understand it is virtually
identical to the MORE EXPENSIVE Aquatic plant soil so its still a no-go for

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