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RE: Profile

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Dwight wrote
> I finally scored some of this Profile that's been talked up 
> for so long,
> but I was disappointed to finally open the bag and be greeted 
>  by ....Kitty
> litter!!! >:-( This stuff is just plain 'ole light fluffy "Hartz kitty
> litter"!!  (sure does LOOK like it).  Except I can get Hartz 
> kitty litter
> for $2.50 for 20lbs and Profile for $4.66 for 10lbs!  This 
> stuff is NOT
> like Flourite in any way.  Could this be a clever ploy by Schutz to
> penetrate new markets with an OLD unaltered product?
> The package indicates no special "growth enhancement" as does 
> Flourite, and
> Profile is not magnetic like Flourite is.  Its FAR less dense 
> than Flourite
> therefore NEW plants become uprooted from Profile too easily.

I don't believe Profile was ever described as a clone of Flourite.

> someone can impress me with evidence that this stuff if significantly
> different than Kitty litter instead of how good they THINK this is for
> their plants, then I'll consider joining the Profile camp. 
> Till then its
> Silica sand/Flourite, vermiculite, Peat moss, Georgia Clay for me.

Gee, that breaks my heart.

> I've been wondering....If I had a Kiln, an autoclave, clay and a trace
> element mix (not PMDD) could a form of "Flourite" be made?  
> Comments welcome.

I'd be more concerned with you hurting yourself with a kiln and an

Bob Ashcraft
Sorry, couldn't pass it up...