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[Q]:MH Lighting, Co2 [FS] New Dupla 300 Cable {FT]SAE's

Long time "Lurker" First time posting.  I have maintained four simple 
non-tech planted aquarium's for twelve years with some measure of 
success.  But I have decided to go over to the
"dark side" and setup a high-tech plant tank.  This will be a 65 gallon 
aquarium 36x24x24.  I will be purchasing a Sandpoint substrate heating 
system.  I Plan on using an Emperor 400
Bio- Wheel Filter with only floss inserts and an Aquaclear 201 powerhead 
for additional water movement.  I will use Seachem Flourite mixed with # 
2-3 gravel to a depth of  2 1/2 inches and Tropica Fertilizer.  Any 
comments are welcome.  Now to the Questions:

For Co2 injection this is the system I think is right for me 
http://www.wcf.com/co2iron/  I will purchase a 5lb tank locally.  I would 
like someday to upgrade this system to an automated system.  Is this easily 
done with this system?  What would I need besides a controller.  What 
exactly  is the difference between a high and a low pressure system.  What 
do most people use?

I would like to use the MH pendant lamps because I like the "open 
aquarium"  Coralife's 175 MH Pendant seems to be the 
standard.  However  the pendants with the bulb horizontally mounted seam 
intriguing.  I believe Hamilton and Giesemann luminaries make a MH of this 
design.  Would one Pendant of either type provide enough spread for a 36" 
aquarium?  What wattage would be appropriate?  Color temperature of the 
Bulb 5500 or 6500 or is this a decision driven by aesthetics?

I have for sale one Dupla 300 Cable.  Still New in the Box.  No suction 
cups.  Best Offer or trade (see below).  Reply by private e-mail.

For those that need them, I will trade REAL SAE' s (2"3") for Caridina 
japonica Shrimp (Yamato Shrimp) or plants.  Sure beats $60!!!  for 5. You 
pay for overnite shipping and I will do the same.