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Re: Police watching halide light buyers

"Sherman Lovell" <lovell at drizzle_com> sez:
> I was reminded of a thread on APD a few months ago when I saw this article
> today.  It looks like when you go to buy a replacement bulb for your tank,
> the police may be following you home. -- Sherman
> http://www.seattle-pi.com/local/pot141.shtml
> "Cronk's Green Gardens store has become a magnet for the Eastside Narcotics
> Task Force, which has made cases leading to more than 100 convictions for
> marijuana-related offenses just by watching Cronk's store and investigating
> his customers, according to an affidavit from one recent case."
I doubt that you would be using 400W nor 1000W lights in your aquarium.  
Those are the ones the police would be interested it (assuming they bother to 
check *what* you bought at the hydroponics store before they come knock down 
your front door in the middle of the night ;-)