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Re: spider plants

>someone told me that spider plants like aquariums.  Does anyone know
>anything about this?

>Does anyone have any suggestions as to what are good plants that will 
>easily propagate so I can spend as little of my budget and maximize
>my plants?
>Thanks lots,

Spider plants do love aquariums, for about two weeks.  After that, they will 
begin to drown and rot.  I sometimes submerge new spider plant adventitious 
plantlets in an aquarium for a few days to hydrate them prior to potting and 
they love this.  I know some pet stores also sell them as aquarium plants, 
but they aren't.  Try getting some Hygrophila plants instead. Try H. 
difformis or H. stricta.  These are beautiful bright green plants that grow 
easily and very quickly if given the right conditions.  They are also easy 
to propagate, as are most stem plants, by simply sticking the top cuttings 
into the gravel.

-Kent Turner

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