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>for some reason, 2 of my new Anubias did not take well to my 29 gallon tank, 
>where 3 others (mostly barteri) have lived for years.  these 2 are now 
>reduced to the main green stems, having lost all leaves.  they have not 
>rotted for weeks now so my question is will they grow back or should i assume 
>the battle is lost?
>tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA
Try placing them in very sandy soil in a small glass terrarium somewhere
warm and spray with general fertilizer once a week. They will grow like you
have never seen. They will come back if you leave them in the tank also. I
typically toss any stump material somewhere out of sight in the back of the
tank(they just don't look that good!). Needing less light than some
plants,these often sprout after a few weeks at most. Often you'll get a
bunch of mini-micro  anubias plantlets from this stump(Remember this
thread?20-25$ each!). Adding a bunch of these to a piece of rock or
driftwood in a small tank looks very neat. The plasticity of this plant is
amazing. The emersed method is good to know or try at least once. I have
grown some monsters in 6 months or less often doubling or tripling in size.
Growing them out gets the plant really going good before you add it to your

Growing them out this way also lets you plant and pot what you want in their
own little pots which can be added to the submersed planted tank later with
no/minimal disturbance to the plant and the roots. You can move it around
the tank often or keep with big old digging cichilds by leaving the plant in
the pot. Pots can be covered by.................you guessed it.......cork or
java moss will attach by itself to most all pots. Or you can bury the pot in
the gravel. Crypts can be grown like this too.
Tom Barr