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Re: Snails

Matthew writes:

> Anyone had problems with mystery snails eating java moss or Val.?

Probably just about everyone.

>  Actually I'm not sure if the Val is Val or not. My plant IDing abilities
>  are not that great. It is a very thin <1/4 wide, about 12 inch long
>  leaves. Looks like grass but appears to be a dicot. Found this stuff on
>  the banks of a river after last falls turnover. Mystery snails devoured
>  this stuff and are slowly munching the java moss to near extinction.
>  Also, if anyone in upstate NY with some MT snails to spare please let me
>  know. Unless of course they also like to eat java moss.

MT snails don't eat algae or vascular plants.  They live on mulm and detritus 
in the substrate.  I'm not even sure why they roam around on the glass, but 
once you get them in your tank, they will not be easily removed.

I think Venezualan ramshorns are superior snails for planted tanks.  
Depending on what part of uptate NY you are in, you may be able to find some 
of those large "viviparous" snails.  I've kept them in tanks, but never with 
plants.  Anyone else tried them in planted tanks?

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator