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Re: Snails

> MT snails don't eat algae or vascular plants.  They live on mulm and detritus
> in the substrate.  I'm not even sure why they roam around on the glass,

I've wondered about that myself.  What are they trying to get to by climbing
the glass at night?

> I think Venezualan ramshorns are superior snails for planted tanks.
> Depending on what part of uptate NY you are in, you may be able to find some

What are Venezualan ramshorns?  I've got a golden colored ramshorn, about 2"
in diameter, and I could actually see him taking bites out of an anubias leaf.
He has since been banished to the 29g tank.   I have a red ramshorn in the 
main tank for a while now (6 months or so), and he's still small (under 1").
I just got a bunch more red ramshorns that were attached to some plants I
got in a trade.