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Re: bagging plants

>>As an auctioneer for SFAS, I will tell/yell at folks that add water to the
bags of plants it is messy, a pain,unecessary, and likely to leak all over.

Well 30 miles south of Tom, at the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association monthly
auctions, people usually bag plants the same way they would fish. I dont
think leaking has been a problem any more for the plants as it is for the
fish! Basically you want to keep the plants from drying out. For
auctioneering purposes, bagging seems the easiest way to do this. As long as
there is some water in the bag and condensation, I dont think the amount of
water matters much. Our meetings and auctions can last four hours, and I
have seen plants dry out after an hour. Having it bagged also makes it
easier on the buyer to bring it home!!

Robert Paul H