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Re: shrimp question

In my experience, gouramis don't move fast enough to hunt successfully, nor 
do they have the inclination to do so. I've never seen plecos look for food 
in the water, only on surfaces (due to the sucker mouth). My guess would be 
the upside down catfish. If this is related to the humbug (does it have those 
long whiskers?) I believe they are hunters. I had one at one time. My neons 
would disappear overnight. To be fair to the guy, I know at least 2 instances 
where he possibly only scavenged a dead body (ailing fish were observed 
before lights out). There was 1 time that was questionable. I then adopted 
him out.

<< > tierney wayne wrote:
 > I'm not sure exactly what type of shrimp I got (one labled as "ghost" and 
 > two as "algae eating") but they have all disappeared within the past week.
 > The ghost shrimp I had had for about a month, and the other two were new.
 > Does anyone know what might attack these guys? I have a dwarf pleco and an
 > upside-down catfish that I feel suspicious of because they only come out
 > night... I never get to see what they are really up to. I also have two 
 > 3-inch gouramis; they seem too small to eat an inch long shrimp.