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Re: shrimp question

tierney writes:

> Does anyone know what might attack these guys? I have a dwarf pleco and an 
>  upside-down catfish that I feel suspicious of because they only come out 
>  night...

It seems odd to me that your upside-down cat (S. nigriventris) would only 
come out at night.  The ones I have had have always been diurnal.  A number 
of other riverine Synodontis species are sold as upside-downs, when in truth, 
they only swim upside down near the surface, or under cover.  Some of these 
are nocturnal, and all Synodontis that I am aware of are carnivorous.  While 
I wouldn't put it past a large enough pleco, I would suspect your Synodontis.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator