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shrimp question

Hi everyone,
I'm not sure exactly what type of shrimp I got (one labled as "ghost" and 
two as "algae eating") but they have all disappeared within the past week. 
The ghost shrimp I had had for about a month, and the other two were new.

Does anyone know what might attack these guys? I have a dwarf pleco and an 
upside-down catfish that I feel suspicious of because they only come out at 
night... I never get to see what they are really up to. I also have two 
3-inch gouramis; they seem too small to eat an inch long shrimp.

I'm sure the shrimp got enough food in the way of algae, and I fed them 
tubifex worms too. My water conditions are within normal ranges, unless 
anyone can tell me if they are really sensitive to a certain condition. But 
I never saw any carcasses, which makes me think they got munched.

Any help would be really appreciated! I loved watching my shrimp and want to 
get more, but not until I know what went wrong!

Thanks in advance,

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