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Re: A Warning about the warning about Aquabotanic.

>>It sounds as if the individual having problems with Aquabotanics tried in
earnest to resolve the problem and RobertH simply refused to respond. Given
this,future orders with this individual should be considered with some

Yikes, I hadnt even read this whole thread...  [Redacted], 
and I never thought this would happen to me. My apologies
again to everyone on the list that this had be expressed here. I have never
had this sort of thing happen to me before. This persons dispute with me was
unreasonable and she would not accept any solution other than what she
proposed. I have over 500 customers now this past year and would be happy to
provide email addresses of refrences if anyone would like them...just email
me. My refund policy is no different than any other online supplier of
plants. This policy can always be bent a little if people are reasonable.

Again my apologies...I was still embarrased over the SAE thing...

Robert Paul H