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Re: Pumice

Alfred writes:

> Does anyone out there use pumice as a bio filter media?  Is it any 
>  good?  It is nature's sintered (sp) glass isn't it?How will it effect PH 
>  and KH?  Hope some will be able to help!

Pumice is cheap and easy to find here in Idaho.  We use it as a driveway 
filler and a ditch liner.  Even so, I have seen it commercially available as 
pond filter medium, packaged all neat in an attractive box.  It was selling 
for $13 US for a 3 kg box.  I'm using it as the base for my substrate.  Yes, 
it is basically the same as sintered glass.  It is chemically neutral and 
won't affect pH, GH, or KH.  It makes an excellent biofilter bed for trickle 
filters, canister filters, and UGFs (once it gets wet enough to sink.  It has 
to waterlog, just like most woods).  It will provide approximately the same 
biofiltration as "bioballs" that take up 4 times the volume.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator