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New Growth White

I set up my planted tank... two or three weeks ago...? The new growth on my
Marble Queen Sword (Echinodorus cordifolius) and on my Pygmy Chain Sword (E.
tennellus) and on my Ambulia (?) are all white. However, on my Tropical
Sunset (Hygro. poly. with bright red veins and green leaves) the growth is
the correct color, and it is good on my two Dwarf Anubias (A. Nana). I have
Flourite substrate with Flourish tabs... the pH is around 6.4. I have yeast
CO2 injected into my Eheim 2213 canister. It has been going for about 3
days, but it isn't making the leaves greener, even though I've had the same
amount of growth in 3 days that I'd had in 3 weeks. Anyways... will the
leaves become green later, or do I have some kind of mineral deficiency?
What kind? Please help!