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setup questions

I've just set up a new 55 gallon and I'd like some input from the list.
It's been about three weeks and I've just got it modestly planted with 
clippings and odds and ends from local sources.  I will be getting a large 
shipment of plants in from AZ Monday.  I've got DIY CO2 and 4 40wattt 
lights, 2 cool white and 2 chroma 50's.  there are also a couple of small 
fish in with 5 caridina japonica shrimp.  Here is what I would like 
comments:  I am getting a lot of brown algae on the glass.  my feeling is 
that this is to be expected with such high lighting, so Im not really 
worried.  I'll wipe it off this wknd when I do a partial water change.  the 
other thing I've noticed is that my cabomba is slightly yellowish on some 
stems.  the majority of them are bright green.  by the way, my alternathera 
and ocelot sword are "bright" red.  (im experimenting with the 100% kitty 
litter topped by sand blasting sand method)
so far so good.  growth of new leaves on the ocelot, cabomba, bacopa, 
lobelia cardinalis, and crypt wendtii have been exceptional.  my only 
concern is the browning-yellowing on the cabomba.  any comments, 
suggestions, or words of wisdom will be appreciated.
Joe Anderson
OKC, OK…….where it is dreary and wet this morning, probably be sunny and 80 
degrees tomorrow or snowing like mad………..

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