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re: green water

I had the green water (algae) problem and the white water (bacteria) problem 
simultaneously in my 125 and 58 gallon tanks. Each tank is CO2 injected with 
4.9-5.1 watts/gallon. These tanks normally only get R/O water thru an 
automatic water changing system I designed myself. The only chemicals I add 
are R/O remineralizer and a KH builder. Each tank usually gets a 35-40% 
water change each week with this system. But what I did was hook the system 
to the tap so each tank received only tap water (prefiltered thru carbon for 
dechlorination) and lots of it, approximately an 80% total water change each 
day (made up of 8 small changes daily). This flushed the algae/bacteria, and 
hopefully whatever was sustaining them out of the tanks within about 8 days. 
The 125 gallon has been clear since, the 58 had 1 recurrence and is fine 
now. Fortunately, my tap water is soft and I had no algae outbreaks because 
of using straight tap water for the period I did. So for me, the answer was 
a period of large sustained water changes in the tanks. Covering the tank, 
diatom filters, diatomaceous earth, and flocculants just did not do it.
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