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Re: Daphnia

In a message dated 3/1/00 3:55:37 PM Eastern Standard Time, Dwight writes:

<< I have looked about the net with no luck in finding:
 1.  A daphnia mail-order outfit  and 
 2.  Breeeding insriuctions.
 Anyone have some info, I'd be thankfull!  >>

    I have used LFS Cultures to get daphnia and scuds.  Instruction sheets 
were sent with them.  They also offer wingless fruit flies, which my hatchet 
fish are supposed to love.   www.lfscultures.com. You will find more live 
fish foods than you knew existed.  
    I should mention there is a list dedicated to raising your own live 
foods.  It has been quiet lately but sees flurries of activity.  Plenty of 
instructions in archives.

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    Good luck
    Pierre Gagne
    Kensington, MD