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RE: water treatment

Sorry it's taken a while to reply to this but...

> From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
> Subject: water treatment
> costs.  I don't know as much about RO units; do filter cartridge
> replacement costs amount to much?

We have a residential RO unit from Price/Costco (prefilters, membrane, pressurized storage tank, post filter, and faucet.)  They now sell one with an extra prefilter for the same cost ($199).  The replacement prefilters cost about $17 for two 5 or 10 micron mechanical cartridges, 4 carbon cartridges, and a carbon 'post polishing' filter.  I don't know what the GPD rating is for the unit though, and don't know how it compares to those sold in the aquarium hobby in terms of what it removes from the water.

> Also, I don't have that many ideas about how to store the 
> water. 

> What are other people doing to store RO water?

We age our tap water in a 45 gal. plastic drum that we got from the local Pepsi bottler.  I think it originally contained concentrated Pepsi syrup.  Used a drill and scroll saw to cut out most of the top.  We use a 1200(?) GPH Mag-drive pump and a Python extension hose to fill the tanks from it.  At the output end of the hose, I connected a U-shaped outlet pipe from a Magnum 350 so I just hook it onto the tank and turn the pump on.  If I don't have much time to let the water sit in the drum, I aerate it with one of those long plastic airstones (the tubular ones with suction cups along their length.) weighted down with some stainless steel nuts.  Don't know if other airpumps would work but the Tetra Luft pump easily handles the pressure.  I'm not sure if any of this makes a real difference though since they never chlorinate our water unless there's a break in the line (they do in some other places here though).  We do it 'just in case', and only for the fish inside the house.!
  Most people here just use the water straight from the tap.

Good luck,
Wade Shimoda
Honolulu, HI