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At 03:48 PM 2/29/00 -0500, you wrote:

>Who will judge who can advertise and who can't.

Short answer:
Cynthia will. Any problems, start your own list.

Long answer:
I saw a great quote once when some mailinglist was
down for a while. It said:

        Sincere thanks for all the messages of support and
        a heartfelt "bite me" to people complaining about the
        lack of a free service.

Runing a mialing list is a non trvial amount of work. Keeping
it going for years and maintainig any level of quality, moreso.
Please do not underestimate this.

A mailing list has two major components: the admin who is
at the end of the day responsible for technical operation
and editorial content, and the subscribers. If the subscribers
are all unhappy, they walk. If the admin is unhappy, the list
is turned off, so, every mailinglist depends on both parties
being more or less happy. So, the rules, about advertising, or
anything else are what the admin says they are and what the
readership will tolerate.

On the lists I run (and that's lots) I've always sais that
tasteful ads are tolerated, spam is not. That seems to work
and is what I think Cynthia is saying here.

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