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Re:Commercial Presence on the APD


Sherman Lovell Wrote:

> May I make a suggestion and request for commercial entities on APD?  When
> someone posts to the list with a specific, individual problem, the response
> to which is of less than general interest (bemoaning the fact that there are
> no SAEs in Seattle, for example), could you please just e-mail them directly
> with your offer of assistance?

Does This mean that those of us that mostly just read the list Should post
messages every time we have the same question?  I mean I have ordered products
from Both  Dave Gomberg and Robert H
And I found out about both of these business right here on the APD.  However This
is the first post that I have ever sent to the APD.  I Live a a very Rural area
with absolutely  no way to get the things I need other than mail order or getting
in the car and driving for 2 hours only to find out that I can't get what I need
when I get there.  Dave  and Robert have both been more that helpful to me. And I
am Thankful that The APD Doesn't have such tight rules that People with there
Knowlege are limited from helping us.
                                             Bryan McKinnon