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Mycobacterium in Rainbows

In addition to Karen's remarks on Rainbows they are extremely subseptible to
Mycobacterium and in fact most Rainbows have it.The boils are not
mycobacterium but seem to go hand in hand with it. It is possible to cure
boils but they do end up leaving a damaged spot on the fish.  Once a Rainbow
gets a boil it can and quite often leads to the Mycobacterium breaking out
and attacking the fishes internal organs. Mycobacterium can be cured using
prescription antibiotics used for the treatment of Pneumonia in humans.
The best way to prevent outbreaks is to keep Rainbows stress free, water
temperatures lower and a varied diet consisting of mainly live food or
frozen foods as a substitute. The most common foods that will bring about an
outbreak are beef heart and tubifex worms AKA black worms  so stay clear of
these 2 foods.
I have kept over 60 varieties of Rainbows and have never had an outbreak in
the 30 years I have been keeping Rainbows
ANGFA  Member (Australia)